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So this is a retrospective post, as the film has been complete for over a month now. It was a mad dash to do the final few steps. I was overseas visiting relatives in South Africa and gearing up for the Durban Film Mart, while Andrew from Anomaly Media was finalising the sound design and mix. Timing wasn’t kind to us, so I ended up out of the country for the final mix, but I’d been hearing work in progress bounces, so knew very much what to expect, and he did a sensational job in the end in spite of (because of? ;-)) the fact that I wasn’t there.

It’s funny when your film is finally finished. It’s such a monumental task, that the completion is always anti-climactic. A film is also very much finished in stages. Locking off the edit is always a huge milestone, then finalising the grade and animated/graphical elements is when your film really starts to look like a film, but I’ll contradict myself a bit now and say that it isn’t really until you get the mix back from whoever is doing post-sound and bring it all together that you can say, ‘that’s a film’.

Anyway, there are too many people to thank. They’re all listed on this website under ‘Meet the Team’ and without each and every one, the film wouldn’t have been possible.

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