In a quiet coastal town, a young superhero bumps into a quirky young girl. When events come crashing to an unexpected head he’s given the chance to act like the superhero he dreams of being.

Super Sounds is a simple childhood tale about discovering friendship and receiving the gift of acceptance. Set in a small coastal town over the course of two long summer days, a lonely, shy boy runs into a curious, quirky young girl. Trying his best to deal with a well guarded secret around his disability, the boy seems stuck in the world of
imagination, living out a superhero fantasy ritual.

Seeing beyond this, the girl, at peace with her own idiosyncrasies – she is half blind without her glasses – tries to reach out. In an ironic and climactic twist, the boy is given the opportunity to act like a real hero. As a result of this, we get the sense that through her trust and appreciation, he’s able to engage with the real world, re-discovering a sense of his personal value.




Francois Truffaut called it, ‘The most important of festivals’, and experiencing Giffoni validated his statement. I arrived 2 days before our premiere, straight from the Durban Film Mart, which is a sister event to the Durban International Film Festival (the largest film market in Africa). Arriving in beautiful southern Italy was treat enough,  (more…)

Festival Season


For most filmmakers who make a short, simply getting accepted into an A-List, or even big B-List film festival is the long held dream. Winning an award at said film festival can be the genesis of a promising career, or a financing deal on a long form project.

Festival Round Up (and the end of the journey)


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost exactly 2 years since we were shooting Super Sounds, and what a wonderful, validating and at times unexpected journey it’s been.

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Just a short 60 second teaser from the opening third of the film…

Directors Statement

Childhood is a time you look back at with either fond nostalgia, or gratitude that it’s all over. In either case, all seem to agree on how pivotal all experiences seem to be. I have memories of the drudgery of family holidays. It’s a time you’re expected to fend for yourself, giving your parents a break. The image of a child longing for a friend became the driving narrative motif at the heart of this simple story of connection and acceptance. 

Meet the Team

Mieka Thompson-Mills


Mieka is a grade 6 pupil in Adelaide. Like Charlie, she has completed a number of ‘acting for camera’ short courses. Super Sounds is her first professional acting role.

Charlie Tonkin


Charlie is a grade 6 pupil in Adelaide. He has made and acted in 6 of his own short films. Super Sounds was his first professional acting role.

Chloe Gardner


An Actress by training, Chloe is now more comfortable behind the scenes. She runs the only film school for kids in Adelaide, and is the founder of the Adelaide Kids Film Festival.

Stephen de Villiers


Originally from South Africa, Stephen is a graduate from the Australian Film Television Radio School, and now calls Adelaide home. Super Sounds is his 11th short film.

Aaron Gully


A multiple award winning cinematographer, Aaron’s recent work includes the children’s TV series, Extreme Adventures of Sam Fox and his debut feature film, Touch.

Sam Matthews


Editor and designer at Adelaide Production Company, KOJO, Sam took charge of both the offline and online edit on Super Sounds, taking on the grade as well.


Boy – Charlie Tonkin

Girl – Mieka Thompson-Mills


Production Designer – Hannah Sitters

Co-Producers – Murray Alford, Daniel Phillips

Sound Design – Andrew Graue

Composer – Christopher Larkin

Focus Puller – David Gregan

Camera Assistants – Bayley Broom-Peake, Tam Morris, Claire Bishop

Sound Recordists – Michael ‘Fazz’ Farell, Will Sheridan, Travis Williamson

Hair and Make Up– Leanne Jones, Che Randall, Caitlin Baldock

Runner – Callum Dinnison

Driver – Jonathan Parrish

Production Assistants – Simon Tait, Paolo Polimeni, Gere Fuss

Stills Photographers – Marinta Schildhauer, Benjamin Dowie

Catering Services – Little Adelaide Catering Co.

Re-Recording Mixer – Andrew Graue

Foley Artist – Jake Cooper

Additional Sound Design

Title Design – Martina Schildhauer

Bullies – Max Tonkin, Matthew Kosmas, Alex Kosmas

Boy Stand-In – Max Tonkin

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